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Chris ODonnell lands role in Max Payne by E
April 3, 2008, 4:40 pm
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Uhhh …
Chris ODonnell lands role in Max Payne | Movie Biz | Hollywood Insider |

Doesn’t anyone remember this?

batman and robin

Ok so forever wasn’t that bad… but batman and robin SUCKED.


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dude your a freak batman and robin did not suck i loved it and robin was such a hottie wich mad it way more better but i loved the movie i like freeze and i loved poisen ivy batman and batgirl rock too

Comment by patty

This movie sucked so damn hard, I’d seriously rather play with crusty dried up pieces of frog shit.

Comment by cheeeba

If you look at the movie as a movie that was based off of a comic book series, it’s horrible, mostly because it deviated so far from canon, a problem we see with almost all comic book based movies (V For Vendetta anyone?).
But even IF you look at it as just a movie, it’s still pretty bad. For one, those costumes were horrendous. I mean please, rubber nipples and codpieces? My disdain for those particular costumes deffies words. And there was definitly some very bad CG. Some of those skyscrapers look pretty damn fake to me.
And then you have to realize that this movie was the third in a series of movies, which is definitly not something one can overlook. This one definitly meet the expectations set by the first two that Tim Burton directed, and it was very different from the first two in it’s tone.

Comment by Anonymous

Actualy.. my opinion… batman and robin dont suck, alot of people love batman and robin, and so do I. I would suggjest that you dont post that up on the internet because some one can have you thrown off the website. Plus, there will be a HUGE fight.

Comment by CassandraC

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